Saturday, December 31, 2005

buck angel of my dreams

there is a dacia in my bed and an angel in my dreams. buck angel that is.

dacia brought along with her the porno flick "buck's beaver" starring "the man with a pussy" himself, buck angel. dacia has had me admiring buck's stills for almost two years now, but this movie was the first chance i had to see him in action.

let's give buck angel a big ole' WHORE-RAY!

first off, buck gets props as an outspoken sex-positive trans-man (female to male transexual).

second, his safer sex practices get me all hot. condomed blow jobs, especially wrapped plastic cock cause me to spring my own turbo-clit. throw in the liberal and uninhibited use of lube and you have one happy jane.

we are not able to watch more than one or two scenes at a time because of our throbbing pussies, so we have only watched the first three scenes. each scene is interspersed with awesome question-answer interview about buck's personal experiences as a bisexual top trans man in porn. so far, the scene in solitary confinement is a great favorite, although the first scene is super hot. i especially enjoyed the jail scene's twist ending. it reminded me of the good old days of tricking.

now i will jump back in bed with the napping dacia (whose site is experiencing technical difficulties).

happy new year!

Monday, December 26, 2005

see jane run away

very dear former roommate gave me the most wonderful christmas present: $500 to take a trip.

so this april, with the thaw, jane will be road tripping from houston to san francisco and back again. i'll take I-10 over, possibly dipping down to San Diego instead of LA, and then go up to the coast. the way back will cut through nevada, colorado, and new mexico.

so, where should i stop along the way? i'm planning on camping and hostels. who and what should i make a point to see? i'm printing a listing of all the accredited museums in the usa, and another less choosy list for each state. anyone know a place i can find naked ladies or dead babies in jars?

i'm hoping to contact Joanie Blank and maybe buy her lunch. i want to discuss a line of sex toys for the arthritic.

so, if you want to offer me advice, food, or a bed, give me a heads up. i have plenty of time to plan this out, although a little spontaneity will be unavoidable.

Monday, December 19, 2005

the nose knows

so the ring may soon be switched out for some more versatile studs. check 'em out.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

maybe not

so despite some potential embers, no flames burst this evening. my love of my hitachi is renewed.

there was one suitor pre-exhibit, but he shied away when we honestly discussed my history of abnormal pap smears. i totally respect his decision despite the moment that i called dacia proclaiming myself a disease-ridden whore.

regardless of the lack of solid plans, i lined my eyes, put on a new pair of glasses and sassy shirt, and went to the basquiat exhibit. alone. thank you very much.

i had free coffee and saw the amazing work. about an hour into it i began to get suddenly and severely anxious in the pre-panic attack milieu. i scuttled down a back stairway only to come face to face with a fluorescent light two-story dandelion. beautiful but not what i needed.

so i left.

as i waded through the traffic in the parking lot a car slowed to a crawl beside me. he lowered his window and asked for my spot. relieved, i directed him my way.

now i'm home, with my dog, ready to jerk off and tuck myself in to bed. maybe i'll get creative although i'll be sure all my dishes are in the sink.

rainy days and iggy pop

i am in a mood, if you know what i mean. i've got on a mix of tom waits, iggy pop, lou reed, and leonard cohen and i just posted an open invite to craigslist to buy me a cherry coke at the basquiat exhibit tonight. the solo sex only streak may be broken this evening. we shall see...