Tuesday, August 30, 2005

i haven't been writing

i haven’t been writing
i haven’t been reading
i haven’t been leaving the apartment except to take sandy for a squat or to the park
i haven’t been unpacking or hanging shelves or art or cooking the groceries i finally bought
i haven’t been answering the phone or returning calls or even checking messages
i haven’t been turning on my computer
i haven’t been able to finish anything i start, if i am able to start at all


i have found a new therapist. our second meeting is friday.
i have started school. my first class was tonight.
i am looking for volunteer opportunities like delivering food to homebound elderly folk.
i have met several new people, some wonderful, some psycho.


still i feel that all I do is sleep and play with sandy and watch animal planet, myth busters, and law & order reruns.
i’m in a bad place.

so i haven’t been writing

i’ll be back soon.

Monday, August 22, 2005

hiv positive het porn


awesome. except for the "we're usually condom-only but this time we don't have to be, only on the toys" part. i mean, yeah for condoms on toys but boo hiss for lovers who use condoms in their day-to-day life not using them on film. especially when she's currently undergoing hep c treatment. reinfection, anyone?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

sandy texas

sandy texas
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as requested, some photos of the new dog.

shaggy happy floppy sandy

sandy texas
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sandy does her impersonation of "blue dog"

sandy texas
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my sandy is a centerfold. seriously. compare this expression to the over the glasses look. uncanny. she's got it.

this is after her haircut this morning. she's looking good.

sandy texas
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bonus: snapped as i crossed the border

the rest stop had giant grasshoppers. i overheard a grandma quip to a young'un, "see, i told you everything is bigger in texas."

Sunday, August 07, 2005

naughty bits

here's some highlights from my newest dirty story for rkb's newest erotica anthology First-Timers: True Stories of Lesbian Sex. it's about my first time with a transman (ftm) and is titled "wear me home" (from the second juicy selection). enjoy!


He unbuttoned my dress with one hand, the other holding my wrists behind my back. While kissing my collar bone he gripped my collar in his teeth and pulled it off my left shoulder. He mirrored the action on the right. I stepped out of my dress. I stood in my black bra and panties (simple, yet sexy) and $12 Payless pumps. He stepped back and sat on the bed, his eyes devouring me.

“You are such a… woman,” the word circling my birthing hips and soft stomach, caressing my breasts, tangling in my long hair, and kissing my full lips.

I slowly walked over to him. Astride his lap, back arched, I unbuttoned his shirt. I traced his red welted top-surgery scars with my nails and then my mouth. I pushed him on to his back, holding my body above his thighs, pulling off his belt and opening his pants, while staring in his eyes, daring him to look down.

I reached against his white cotton briefs, not sure what I would find. I felt a small bulge. I smiled at him, “May I?”

“Please,” he moaned.


He hit my g-spot with precision. My orgasm grew with a heavy sensation, like I was going to pee or explode. I imagined my goo flung about the room, coating Jack’s face and luggage. I saw him trying to explain the mess, first to the hotel staff and then the luggage inspector at the airport. I would stain him. He would wear me home.


now you want buy the book, right?!?! excellent (drums fingers together a la mr. burns)