Tuesday, March 07, 2006

help a merry kinkster out

so i have been a busy little bee.

i have been writing up a fierce storm to the echoing applause of silent rejections (at least send a note, people). and i have been making leaps and bounds in therapy.

but of greater interest to you, i have been editing omyfirstorgasm.blogspot.com, which now updates every monday and thursday. send in stories of your first and i'll make you a stah, dahling. be sure to adhere to the call for submissions(http://omyfirstorgasm.blogspot.com/2006/02/call-for-submissions.html) .

i have also started (finally) contributing to the budding Cootchie! Creative Organizing Of The Community for Health Information and Education. There is now a resource list of sliding scale STI testing facilities up on the blog (http://cootchieorg.blogspot.com). And I will be passing out flyers and condoms around town. If you know a bar or club you think I should shower with free condoms, please comment or email.

Furthermore, I am officially researching sex toy stores in Houston - although the sex toys are adult and/or novelty gifts, but i digress. After taking my little sister to Cindie's for her 18th birthday (she now has two vibes, a bottle of lube, and a tattoo and is ready to take over the world), I am impressed with their selection. But I want to review a wide range of stores. Aside from driving around and stopping in every adult venue I pass (and there are a lot of them down here in Montrose), I'm looking for recommendations.

So help a merry kinkster out, friends, and leave a comment or email the_educated_slut@yahoo.com. Thank you, kindly.