Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the before

So I’m at that moment just before everything comes together. You know, the one where you’re ready to shoot yourself. So stressed out right now. I have four days to find an apartment. Then I fly home on Thursday, pack up my house on Friday, and drive back to New York, friend and Sandy aboard, on Saturday. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid a full blown panic attack, knock wood. My leg won’t stop shaking (it has always shook but now it really is constant) and I have ouchy bumps on my fingertips. Not to mention all the stress pimples. I am quite the pretty picture right now. Think of this as the “before”. Before the apartment is found, before the move, before the official letter of employment, before the job starts. The after will be beautiful.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

good news

So much good news.

First and most importantly, I had my last day of work. Retired once again. My next day of labor will be in new york in september.

The big news is that the emergency contraception pills Plan B have been FDA approved for over-the-counter sale to women over 18. This is a major victory many years in the making. It still raises questions about whether those under 18 should be able to purchase EC without a prescription, as well as should men be able to purchase the product (which could be a non-issue but all the articles i find refer to "women 18 and older" ignoring the possibility that a man might wish to purchase ec for his partner; similar to a woman buying condoms only for emergency situations). http://www.webmd.com/content/article/126/116441.htm

More good news, not specific to today, is the FDA approval of Famvir, a single dose treatment for herpes (earlier this August). A single dose of the medication is administered at the first inkling of an outbreak. Tests show that it reduces the severity and length of outbreaks. As a single-dose it is more cost-effective than other chronic treatments such as valtrex (for my poverty-striken pals living with herpes). The downside is it does not reduce asymptomatic shedding or frequency of outbreaks. http://www.webmd.com/content/Article/126/116186.htm

Let's all do a happy sexual health dance. Boogey oogey oogey...

Monday, August 14, 2006

the triumphant return of the educated slut

because everyone's your friend in new york city!

fuck texas, ya'll.

someone just got a job teaching hiv education in new york city ("new york city?!?" "git a rope...")

so i'm breaking my lease and moving back to the glorious city of my youth (you know, the five years prior to this last one).

although i can't promise sexcapades and whoring, i can promise updates of the educational variety as i'll be back in the scene.

sandy and i will be skipping down the glittering diamond-paved streets.