Tuesday, August 31, 2004

on your knees

so, my neighborhood trick this afternoon turned in to an early evening as he was running late from taking his sister and her son shopping. when i showed up he leads me to the couch, hands me a bottle of water and the remote. i do my best to put him at ease resulting in almost a full hour of small talk. finally, i suggest that he pay me so we won't have to think about that and we can both relax. great, so now things will get started, right? but no, he lights another cigarette and continues talking about his son, his ex-wife, his sister and his nephew. finally he admits that he hasn't been near a woman in a sexual sense in the five years since his divorce. i stroke his neck and arm and try to position myself on the very small couch.

he then jumps up nervously and suggests we watch something that might stimulate the both of us. he gives the choice of "regular" porn, girl-on-girl, and two fetish films on golden showers. now, normally i would head straight for fetish, but he dropped the donation this afternoon so our activities were not going to include any piss play this time around and i didn't want to bring that up. so i vote for the girl on girl. as soon as it starts, he hands me the remote and goes into kitchen. when he finally comes back in the room i sit him down and take off my skirt. i start slowly jerking myself off through my panties, waiting for him to at least start gratifying himself.

so, i'm jerking off and he's watching out of the corner of his eye, being careful to keep his face straight ahead. i make a little moan. he asks, "so, have you done anything like this before?" referring to the girls fucking each other with cheap torquoise jelly dongs. i answer that i am bisexual and have some close friends i fool around with. he thinks that's cool. he then asks, "how do you feel about bisexual men?". i reply honestly, that i adore them, i think they're fabulous and wonderful and courageous (especially when out). he then tells me about his old friend, with whom he used to hook up about once a month. he is very orally focused with both men and women, and was uncomfortable with receptive anal penetration (which he has tried once with a man and once with a woman) due to hemorroids. he delicately breaches the top of guy-on-guy porn. i jump, noting that he has five guy-on-guy tapes and only one girl-on-girl. he chooses a tape that is a massive orgy scene.

i take off my shirt and tell him to remove all his clothes except his underwear. i stare at him as he undresses, massaging my clit and curling two fingers into my pussy. i ask him if he is right or left handed. he responds right which is perfect as he is sitting on my left. i take his right hand and slowly deepthroat his middle and ring finger, doing a little slidey lubing motion. i then place his hand in my cunt. he massages tentatively at first. i spread my labia so he can have easier access. he works my clit in circles and starts to penetrate me with the first knuckle of his middle finger. i moan and grind against his hand. he starts working faster and sinks his finger deep into my pussy. i thrust against the finger which is past my g-spot but still pleasant. i grab his hand and lick my juices (such a soft-core word) off his finger. i then lick the neighboring finger and tell him to fuck me with both of them. he gets right down to it, like the good little boy he is. i'm getting more and more excited, but he's having trouble coordinating simultaneous clitoral and vaginal stimulation. i rub my clit while he finger fucks me.

then, i grab his wrist. he looks up at me expectantly. "stop?" i shake my head as i pull him off the couch beside me. "get on your knees." he kneels, trying to conceal his smile. "you know what to do." again, i spread my labia so he can see my glistening pussy and swollen clit. he starts sucking my clit like a newborn on his momma's tit. fabulous. i tell him to finger me while he licks. he gets a good rhythm started in response to my rocking hips. "curl your fingers up inside me." with that simple direction he zeroes in on my g-spot. i squirt within a minute. he looks up with sparkling eyes. i bend down and lick my cum off his face.

"get back to work." he roots in my pussy, licking and sucking the "juices" (goddammit, isn't there a better word, and "vaginal secretions" just doesn't do it for me) while thumbing my clit. he captures my clit between his nose and thumb and rubs it against the round tip while his tongue laps like crazy. soon i quirt again, this time quivering with orgasm.

but he doesn't stop at all this time. he laps in long strokes the insides of my thighs, along the seams of my labia, and from my perineum to my clit. he dips a finger in my cunt and starts massaging my asshole. i push against him. "fuck my ass" i order. he pushes in and i push back. he sits on his heels watching me fuck myself on his finger. "eat my pussy while you fuck me." he obeys and i'm in bliss. i resituate my shoulders against the back of the coach so i can thrust down hard against his hand. "i want more." he pushes in another finger. as he sucks back on my clit he gently bites, sending a shiver of baby orgasms. "oh, fuck." i groan (real creative dialog, i realize). "more." he slides in a third meaty finger and fucks back against my rhythm. i am thrusting so hard i am suspended between the back of the couch and his hand in my ass, his powerful suction helping me defy gravity. when i come, i lock my knees around his shoulders, soaking his face and chest. i clamp on for a minute as the quakes subside.

"fuck." and then i burst out laughing a fabulous cathartic laugh. "that was good?" he questions, in need of affirmation. "wonderful, darling. absolutely diving." he goes to freshen up while i lay back on the coach regaining my bearings. we exchange places in his bathroom. he gives me a look and i know he wants to watch me pee, but i close the door ($200 does not a golden shower purchase). when i return to the living room he has put on his shirt and shorts. i walk over to my pile of clothes. i pull out my black corset lace panties. "these are for you. good job."

Sunday, August 29, 2004


i just talked with my client for tomorrow. turns out he lives blocks from my house, is orally submissive, into golden showers, wants to buy my panties, and is looking for a longterm thing. i did not tell him where i live, just said, "oh, i'm in that neighborhood." he sounds perfect, really. we'll see how it goes...

in other news, just prepped two ads to post in the morning. one is for a two girl show with a friend on tuesday.

You’d have to pay to keep these girls away from a protest…
But, if you want to, who are we to object?Two curvy bisexual student radicals seeking distraction from the RNC. Activism has us pretty booked, but we have Tuesday afternoon available. We enjoy toys, exhibitionism, and each other. One of us is 24, built like a Vargas girl, with short curly hair. The other is 22 with a chubby coke bottle figure, long curly red hair, and loves to squirt. We are both tattooed and pierced.
So, if you would like a private show Tuesday afternoon, drop us a line. Together we can lick Bush." [you know, cause i love puns]

The second is for a regular client for the semester.
chubby librarian-chic student seeks regular gentleman friend
Guess what? School’s starting again, which means tuition and loans are evil. Plus, grad school apps, standardized tests, and transcripts are driving this chick into debt. A little help will be much appreciated.
I’m looking for a potentially regular arrangement for the fall semester. GFE, but with a kinky, curvy, safer sex savvy, pervert for a girlfriend. I love porn (especially girl on girl toy play and dp scenes, makes me cock my head to the side and go, wow…), and daty, and toys, and shoes, and squirting, and jerking off. And I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to suggestions. Just be sure they’re:
a) in adherence with safer sex guidelines; no BBFS, BBBJ, or whatever other acronyms in front of which you guys shove BB
b) adequately reciprocated
c) fun for me, too (I have a lot of fun)
Now, a little about me. I’m 22, a senior at a public university, 5’6”, and not a skinny girl. Somewhere between slightly curvaceous and BBW you will find my ample hips, tits, and ass. I’ve got five shades of red in my long dark curly hair, a smattering of piercings and tattoos, and a talent for bad puns in bed. I read compulsively and must wear glasses to see (not a fashion statement, although they are pretty hot). I also do HIV activism, hence the knowledge and slight obsession with safer sex.
So, if you’d like a smart, somewhat chubby, librarian-chic, alternaporn-esque chick for some regular fun and games, please drop me a line. Generally, evenings are better for me, although day play can occasionally be arranged. You host (at home or a hotel). Hope to hear from you soon."

Posting first thing in the morning (if i posted now it would be buried by the time the bored corporate drones start cruising over their lunch hour). Spending the day on roommate's computer negotiating. Then heading over to the late afternoon protests. All in a day.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


nothing like a fun trick to get you back in the mood.

just came from a lovely fellow (no pun intended) and have been working the correspondence from the moment i returned.

this was another oral play date with interest in female ejaculation. the guy was great because his interest was both sexual and academic. we talked about beverly whipple's work and gender power role reversals involved in squirting for almost half an hour. then he got me off.

this boy had amazing hands. he found my g-spot no problem and knew when i was ready for another finger or when to back off with the pressure without me having to direct. also his clitoral rhythms were so intense, i not only genuinely squirted three times, i also orgasmed four times! and after last night i was all prepared to fake it again. so, whoreray.

bonus, my friend took some hot pics of me this morning, rocking the naughty librarian look.

Friday, August 27, 2004

back at it

so, school is starting up again so i've got tuition and loans staring at me, plus grad school apps & testing fees, and to top it all off, i only have 3 therapy sessions left on my insurance. conclusion, i'm whoring again.

doing some daty (dining at the y = cunnilingus) oral sessions this weekend and posting for a potentially ongoing relationship on monday. also hoping to get some double girl action with a friend (www.wakingvixen.blogspot.com) this week, as school starts next week and we're both working from home during the convention.

so, last night i turned my first trick since april or something (it's been a while). also, i tend to sabbatical from all but solo sex during the summer (it's just my body rhythms) so i haven't had any partner sex for a good two months. when i'm not getting laid, i let the bush grow. now it's an assett. i'm marketing (at least for the next week or so) to the full bush loving crowd. plus, my propensity to squirt occasionally gives added appeal.

the problem with discussing squirting in a professional context. the customer then expects it. that becomes the focus of the session. now, i'm pretty good at getting myself to gush and have never had a problem providing at least once or twice in an evening; however, last night's trick became rather trying.

after i squirted the first time, bent out over his window sill, ass in the air to him, rubbing my clit with him finger fucking me, we moved to his leather recliner (metal frame ikea style, not lazyboy). there i was able to squirt again. but he kept going, saying "i know there's another one in there, i feel it coming." annoyed, i ask for a break. freshen up, lay on the couch in stolen hotel robes (the big white fluffy kind), eventually moving to the bed discussing the gender politics of orgasm ("whoa, you're really philosophical about all this..."). but then we get started again. i show him how to hit my g-spot (this was a strictly hands-on date) and then switch the scene so that he's jacking off for me (umm, i love watching men fuck themselves for me. it makes me happy). but he wants to end with me squirting onto his dick.

he leads me to his bedroom window, overlooking the central park reservoir with a great view of queens, opens it and bends my head and shoulders out. i then massage my clit while he is fingering my g-spot with one hand and jerking himself with the other. but he keeps on going on about the whole "squirt on my dick" scene. finally, i get annoyed and frustrated. to end the scene, i piss all over his floor.

now, female ejaculation is not urine, although it does exit from the urethral opening. we had gone over all the educational aspects earlier so i didn't feel like i was compromising his education. i equate it to a fake orgasm, only messier. he thought it was "the hottest thing i've ever seen" and shot seconds after i "squirted". we then quickly freshened up. i collected my fee and cab fare (the guy gave me $12 in singles, asshole) and headed to a friend's house for nakedness and icecream. whore-ray.