Saturday, December 31, 2005

buck angel of my dreams

there is a dacia in my bed and an angel in my dreams. buck angel that is.

dacia brought along with her the porno flick "buck's beaver" starring "the man with a pussy" himself, buck angel. dacia has had me admiring buck's stills for almost two years now, but this movie was the first chance i had to see him in action.

let's give buck angel a big ole' WHORE-RAY!

first off, buck gets props as an outspoken sex-positive trans-man (female to male transexual).

second, his safer sex practices get me all hot. condomed blow jobs, especially wrapped plastic cock cause me to spring my own turbo-clit. throw in the liberal and uninhibited use of lube and you have one happy jane.

we are not able to watch more than one or two scenes at a time because of our throbbing pussies, so we have only watched the first three scenes. each scene is interspersed with awesome question-answer interview about buck's personal experiences as a bisexual top trans man in porn. so far, the scene in solitary confinement is a great favorite, although the first scene is super hot. i especially enjoyed the jail scene's twist ending. it reminded me of the good old days of tricking.

now i will jump back in bed with the napping dacia (whose site is experiencing technical difficulties).

happy new year!


Blogger misterniceguy1960 said...

A friend of mine is the only man I've found myself attracted to in recent years. The fact that he is a man with a vagina probably has something to do with it. But really, quite a handsome man.

1/01/2006 3:11 AM  
Blogger mainja said...


1/01/2006 12:19 PM  
Blogger introspectre said...

sounds fantubulous.


1/10/2006 1:33 PM  

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