Friday, August 27, 2004

back at it

so, school is starting up again so i've got tuition and loans staring at me, plus grad school apps & testing fees, and to top it all off, i only have 3 therapy sessions left on my insurance. conclusion, i'm whoring again.

doing some daty (dining at the y = cunnilingus) oral sessions this weekend and posting for a potentially ongoing relationship on monday. also hoping to get some double girl action with a friend ( this week, as school starts next week and we're both working from home during the convention.

so, last night i turned my first trick since april or something (it's been a while). also, i tend to sabbatical from all but solo sex during the summer (it's just my body rhythms) so i haven't had any partner sex for a good two months. when i'm not getting laid, i let the bush grow. now it's an assett. i'm marketing (at least for the next week or so) to the full bush loving crowd. plus, my propensity to squirt occasionally gives added appeal.

the problem with discussing squirting in a professional context. the customer then expects it. that becomes the focus of the session. now, i'm pretty good at getting myself to gush and have never had a problem providing at least once or twice in an evening; however, last night's trick became rather trying.

after i squirted the first time, bent out over his window sill, ass in the air to him, rubbing my clit with him finger fucking me, we moved to his leather recliner (metal frame ikea style, not lazyboy). there i was able to squirt again. but he kept going, saying "i know there's another one in there, i feel it coming." annoyed, i ask for a break. freshen up, lay on the couch in stolen hotel robes (the big white fluffy kind), eventually moving to the bed discussing the gender politics of orgasm ("whoa, you're really philosophical about all this..."). but then we get started again. i show him how to hit my g-spot (this was a strictly hands-on date) and then switch the scene so that he's jacking off for me (umm, i love watching men fuck themselves for me. it makes me happy). but he wants to end with me squirting onto his dick.

he leads me to his bedroom window, overlooking the central park reservoir with a great view of queens, opens it and bends my head and shoulders out. i then massage my clit while he is fingering my g-spot with one hand and jerking himself with the other. but he keeps on going on about the whole "squirt on my dick" scene. finally, i get annoyed and frustrated. to end the scene, i piss all over his floor.

now, female ejaculation is not urine, although it does exit from the urethral opening. we had gone over all the educational aspects earlier so i didn't feel like i was compromising his education. i equate it to a fake orgasm, only messier. he thought it was "the hottest thing i've ever seen" and shot seconds after i "squirted". we then quickly freshened up. i collected my fee and cab fare (the guy gave me $12 in singles, asshole) and headed to a friend's house for nakedness and icecream. whore-ray.


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