Sunday, August 29, 2004


i just talked with my client for tomorrow. turns out he lives blocks from my house, is orally submissive, into golden showers, wants to buy my panties, and is looking for a longterm thing. i did not tell him where i live, just said, "oh, i'm in that neighborhood." he sounds perfect, really. we'll see how it goes...

in other news, just prepped two ads to post in the morning. one is for a two girl show with a friend on tuesday.

You’d have to pay to keep these girls away from a protest…
But, if you want to, who are we to object?Two curvy bisexual student radicals seeking distraction from the RNC. Activism has us pretty booked, but we have Tuesday afternoon available. We enjoy toys, exhibitionism, and each other. One of us is 24, built like a Vargas girl, with short curly hair. The other is 22 with a chubby coke bottle figure, long curly red hair, and loves to squirt. We are both tattooed and pierced.
So, if you would like a private show Tuesday afternoon, drop us a line. Together we can lick Bush." [you know, cause i love puns]

The second is for a regular client for the semester.
chubby librarian-chic student seeks regular gentleman friend
Guess what? School’s starting again, which means tuition and loans are evil. Plus, grad school apps, standardized tests, and transcripts are driving this chick into debt. A little help will be much appreciated.
I’m looking for a potentially regular arrangement for the fall semester. GFE, but with a kinky, curvy, safer sex savvy, pervert for a girlfriend. I love porn (especially girl on girl toy play and dp scenes, makes me cock my head to the side and go, wow…), and daty, and toys, and shoes, and squirting, and jerking off. And I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to suggestions. Just be sure they’re:
a) in adherence with safer sex guidelines; no BBFS, BBBJ, or whatever other acronyms in front of which you guys shove BB
b) adequately reciprocated
c) fun for me, too (I have a lot of fun)
Now, a little about me. I’m 22, a senior at a public university, 5’6”, and not a skinny girl. Somewhere between slightly curvaceous and BBW you will find my ample hips, tits, and ass. I’ve got five shades of red in my long dark curly hair, a smattering of piercings and tattoos, and a talent for bad puns in bed. I read compulsively and must wear glasses to see (not a fashion statement, although they are pretty hot). I also do HIV activism, hence the knowledge and slight obsession with safer sex.
So, if you’d like a smart, somewhat chubby, librarian-chic, alternaporn-esque chick for some regular fun and games, please drop me a line. Generally, evenings are better for me, although day play can occasionally be arranged. You host (at home or a hotel). Hope to hear from you soon."

Posting first thing in the morning (if i posted now it would be buried by the time the bored corporate drones start cruising over their lunch hour). Spending the day on roommate's computer negotiating. Then heading over to the late afternoon protests. All in a day.


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