Saturday, August 28, 2004


nothing like a fun trick to get you back in the mood.

just came from a lovely fellow (no pun intended) and have been working the correspondence from the moment i returned.

this was another oral play date with interest in female ejaculation. the guy was great because his interest was both sexual and academic. we talked about beverly whipple's work and gender power role reversals involved in squirting for almost half an hour. then he got me off.

this boy had amazing hands. he found my g-spot no problem and knew when i was ready for another finger or when to back off with the pressure without me having to direct. also his clitoral rhythms were so intense, i not only genuinely squirted three times, i also orgasmed four times! and after last night i was all prepared to fake it again. so, whoreray.

bonus, my friend took some hot pics of me this morning, rocking the naughty librarian look.


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