Friday, September 24, 2004

terrible horrible no good very bad day

today sucks.

first off, $600 has disappeared from my bedroom. it was in a coffee cup on my dresser. i accidentally left my bedroom door unlocked tuesday night. now the cash is no longer to be found. tore apart the house (technically, apartment, but it's home, you know?) at 3am with roommate (she doesn't know about the whoring, so i told her i had lent a friend some cash, which i often do, and had just got it back in bulk). there are three possible options:
1) i'm an idiot and it's somewhere in my room
2) drug-addicted domestically-violent dealer boy downstairs that is evicted and must be out by the 30th (knock on wood) raided my room
3) neighbor's live-in boyfriend that we helped kick out last week and has since moved back in was pissed at me and knew i probably had some cash, which he needs desperately as he hasn't held down a job in the two years he's been sponging off neighbor girl
all three suck.

consequently, i had horrible dreams. evil, panicky, identity-theft, support-revoke anxiety dreams that managed to enable me to sleep through my alarm.

was late to see my shrink. the elevator in her building is broken, so walked up five flights. she was grand for the 20 minutes i was able to talk to her.

and some asshole just told me $100 full service is the "going rate for fatties"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe time for a more secure apartment?


9/27/2004 4:39 PM  

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