Thursday, September 16, 2004

why friends rock and cl is bad bad bad

yeah friends. a friend from sex (research, not swinger) conferences who had been west coast just relocated to my nyc neck of the woods. he's such a fabulous cutie. i hung out with him and another friend last night and it was just what the doc ordered.

lately, been batting around with several friends the ideas of an alterna-whore collective web site. for those of us who don't fit the escort (even indie escort) molds/sites but are sick of the bullshit of craigslist. a place where we could network with each other but also recruit like-minded clients. my recent posts on cl have garnered attention and responses from other women along the lines of "omigod, another real person? i've felt so alone." plus, my donation requests are out of the range of the majority of johns trolling cl.

school is closed from yesterday through the weekend. i just want to go throw some clay around. i'm working on two projects right now. the first is an assignment to create an autobiographical piece. good warm-up for the second, a series of thrown functional pots based on the teens with hiv i worked with over the summer, specifically examining the impact of hiv and hiv meds on their bodies and growth. so i'm developing skills in the arena of throwing a pot to look like a preconceived notion and using thrown forms to represent the body. sorry for the dorky clay rant.

yeah, so i managed to avoid the sca meetings for now. i'll bring up the topic with me shrink tomorrow and see what she thinks. now that i'm over the hump of the week (knock on wood) i think i can talk to her with enough levity that the uncomfortable desperation isn't there. make sense?

in other news, a boy i was in love with for a wonderful weekend my freshman year has recently reconnected. he's in boston and engaged, so its not high risk or anything, just interesting to remember that little fragment of emotional time.


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