Wednesday, September 22, 2004

tricking for the cause

this weekend, i will trick for the cause. trying to line up two or three dates to cover a chunk of the initial startup of the collective (design, possible lawyer consult, etc).

it's been suggested we post an ad for one month on or the erotic review to test the market. my reservations to this line of action are really the fuel of the collective in the first place.

i do not fit the escort ideal of tall, blond, and leggy. now, this could work to my advantage, causing my little thumbnail pic to stick out. however, i'm nervous that the more likely outcome is being ignored (or worse, ragged out on a message board.)

eep. insecurity sux.

plus, if there are few chicas of my body type, limited availability, etc on the site, will the clients interested in me even be logged on?

the whole concept of review boards make me nervous. i love my body and know i provide good service. my clients seem satisfied by the number of 2nd date requests i receive, despite my "high for craigslist" rates. but i do not have a phoneline strictly for sex work. i am not available 24/7 or even 8/5. And I only trick once or twice a week. This hardly justifies shelling out the $175. It's almost like working for an agency, but an agency wouldn't hire my tattoos and stretch marks.

to reiterate: it's not low self-esteem. i do not fit the escort beauty ideal. i'm not sure a mainstream escort ad site will be cost effective.


Blogger Cammi Cane said...

After 14 years in the adult business I have noticed one attribute that always makes money,Personality.I have a blog at that I would like to add a link to you on.Let me know if that is okay.
Good Luck and be safe.

10/06/2004 12:37 AM  

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