Friday, September 17, 2004

alterna-whores unite

so the whoring collective idea (see previous post) is percolating, with domain names and web design budgets and drafts of manifesto mission statements and places to advertise and how it would work and welcome care packages of safer sex materials for all new members in addition to a safer sex for the sex worker workshop/online guide and code of ethics and such. we want it to be gender, queer, kink, body, age, rate, etc inclusive. a chance to network and recruit some like-minded clients (ie not the cl trolls who want full service for $50 and not the high-end johns who like their escorts leggy and blond). everyone would pay a one-time initiation fee and then a super cheap monthly tithing (cheap enough that you can choose to take a month or two off from the whoring and not have to choose between food and the collective) to contribute to webmastering, advertising, and upkeep. each member would be responsible for a shift as official phone check-in (basically, there will always be someone to call before and after going out on a trick, in case your usual check-in is indisposed or you don't have anyone to check-in with) and we'll take turns for shifts answering the general info requests from the collective email. its percolating and stewing and brewing.

by the way, my therapist is awesome. she was able to see why i was so stressed and frustrated about stuff on sat thru tuesday and so much better now. she thinks the collective is fabulous and has great marketing opportunities. she says my choices in whoring so far reflect my identity in my commitment to my own sexuality and helping others explore, learn about, and affirm their sexualities. and she was trying to figure out a way to make tricks pay ahead of time so that when i get stood up i would still get dough & she suggested fedex or ups for selling panties (what with mailing bodily fluids through the us mail being illegal, who knew?). maybe i can check out that new company that's advertising on the subways. just having her support really helps me commit myself to sex work as not just a fleeting dalliance but something i'm DOING. i'm invested and my shrink supports me!


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