Wednesday, September 22, 2004

condoms in the boardroom

so, yesterday i taught a two and a half hour HIV 101 workshop to four new employees of the ASO (aids service organization) where i volunteer. now, 2.5 hours is intense, but with four people it can be excruciating. watching the tech guy struggle with the difference between HIV and AIDS, while the other three roll their eyes and yawn. building on the energy of the case manager only to be dragged back down by the other side of the table's confused expression of apathy and horror (not used to pierced tattooed chickies in 1950's vacuum-in-pearls mom dresses playing with three different kinds of condoms and four different dental dams, i suppose). plus, when i was trying to get to the center of the parallel tables in the boardroom, i accidentally flashed the tops of my stockings and garters (gasp!)

when we got to risk behaviors, they immediately named sex. "what's sex?" oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex. "would wiping my bum be considered anal sex?" penetration by a penis. "so lesbians don't have sex?" penetration, period. "*pop* (my thumb snaps the inside of my cheek like the old lolly-pop song) oral sex?" pleasure, orgasm, etc... finally we got down to specific act by act, because it's all about the behavior, not the label (ex. abstinence and virginity mean different things to different people, not to mention the whole "is oral sex really sex?" conversation). once i got one of them to say "vagina" things began to flow more comfortable. although, when one of the male employees suggested that oral sex on a woman was "mouth to vagina" we had a quick lesson on the other v-word, vulva. we talked about risk reduction techniques for handjobs, fingering, cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus, penile-vaginal penetrative intercourse, penile-anal penetrative intercourse, vulva-to-vulva rubbing or frottaging, same with penis-to-penis, penis-between-thighs, sex toys galore (tip: cover your larger electric toys with latex gloves, ex. hitachi magic wand).

by the end of the workshop, everyone had learned at least one new thing. including me.

Tip o' the day:
Risk Reduction for BBBJs (i'm still not offering them, but its good to know)
1. do not brush teeth or floss for at least 2 hours prior
2. swish mouth with a 1:1 hydrogen peroxide-water wash
3. open a vitamin e caplet. smear the vitamin e along gums and cheeks, inside and outside teeth, until all surfaces (ideally) are coated
4. withdraw cock from mouth prior to ejaculation

who knew?


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