Thursday, September 23, 2004

the f word

Yep, i'm a femme. feminism supports my rights, including sexual rights, and i love feminism accordingly.
However, not everyone agrees with me. Check out this response to my "doing it for the cause" post (not blog post, craigslist erotic services post, as in, i want a client, not a lecture):
first, my original post
doing it for the cause - w4m 22
some friends and i are trying to start a sex-positive feminist collective. but we need a nest egg for web design and other basic start-up costs. so, i'm trying this for the weekend.

smart curvy/chubby college student seeks some profitable fun for this weekend (that's right, this weekend only). like any good sex-positive feminist, i love sex toys and bisexuals and masturbation and porn and (trans)gender & sexual politics and safer sex advocacy and oodles of other things. make me an offer and mention your donation to our cause.

thanks for your support.

which warrants this public response (note, not sent to me, just posted on cl)
hypocritical feminists? doing it for a CAUSE? - m4w - 44
Read this ad below the line: These woman are telling themselves that they are feminists, and they are raising money for their feminist cause by making themselves into sex objects, which exactly what feminism fought AGAINST. I thought Feminism was to prove that women should be judged NOT as sex objects but for their brains and abilities. What are these women going to do? Take the money they earned giving head and go use it to prove that women are equal to men and don't want to be treated as sex objects? Gimme a break.

so sweet. idiot. so here's my response.
hypocritical feminists?
Nope. These girlies are third wave feminists. Did you miss that "sex-positive" bit? That means we're against the anti-sex anti-pleasure anti-porn stances of dworkin and others who in their attempts to assert equality denied sexuality and pleasure.

Feminism is about self-determination. We have ownership of our bodies and can make our own choices as far as how we use them. If we choose abstinence until marriage, that choice is valid. If we choose to pursue a string of monogamous "love" relationships, that choice is valid. And if we choose to whore ourselves on the internet, that choice is valid.

Feminism is against the *involuntary* objectification of women. We are against sex trafficking, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape, etc.

As feminists, we support sex workers and their clients.

Some people bug me. Plus the responses have been sub-par. argh.


Blogger Dacia said...

Wowee. People are insane. Who the fuck is that poster to define what feminist is and is not? And seriously, objectification blah blah blah - we make hundreds of dollars an hour. That's pretty fucking empowering if you ask me.

I'm proud of you. Give em hell (and charge good money for it).

9/23/2004 6:33 PM  
Blogger Librarian Babe said...

I can see that a woman sellng her body out of desperation, coercion, etc. is anti-feminist. But I have to ponder deeper when it comes to a sexy woman with high libido using her skills to earn some extra cash. Hey if the men are willing to pay, then why not make some money? You obviously (from what I've read in your blog and Dacia's) have a good head on your shoulders and are doing this out of choice. If it ever gets to be something that brings you down I'm sure you'll quit. Til then - whore-ray!

I've been thinking, if I wasn't picky picky about who I sleep with then making a little cash doing it would get me more sex and more cash at the same time - a win win situation! lol

9/28/2004 9:59 PM  

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