Tuesday, September 21, 2004

a little intro, i suppose

i work as a sexuality educator and research & write for a sexual health organization. through my academic studies, i explore larger sexual themes of identity and experience. sex work allows me to synthesize these fields.

working with a client, i always provide some basic sex ed, whether it's anatomy ("this is my g-spot", "this is your prostate") or sexual health ("you see, bareback blowjobs (BBBJs) but you (the male penetrating client) at risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes & hep B, not to mention my numerous personal risks which really aren't that sexy at all").

however, exploring their individual identity formations & justifications fascinate me. i work with the homophobic client who is drawn to anal penetration who i help work through the idea of shame through dom play (not to imply that all or even most bdsm involves shame or guilt, rather domination as a tool of permission) until he is able to enjoy his body & the pleasure it offers him. i watch another client explore my clit and g-spot in an effort to improve his wife's sexual pleasure and strengthen their marriage. as a whore i offer information, permission, and affirmation.

i love being a sex worker and more specifically i love being a whore. i am not ashamed of the work i do as i believe i am improving my clients' quality of life (as well as my own) through our encounters. yes, i worry about legal issues and being outted to certain conservative friends and family members, but these sentiments are similar to those surrounding my queer identity. however, i also feel sex worker community and visibility are important to constructing the support system necessary for positive sex work experiences.



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So pretty, so exciting! Let me know if you want help with set up, basic linkage tutorial, that stuff.

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