Sunday, November 07, 2004

pizza dough (dough = $, get it? har har...)

Sex at a sexuality conference. Doesn’t happen as often as most assume. In fact, of the six sexuality conferences I had attended prior to this week, I had only gotten laid once. Fortunately, my average is approving.

We were hanging around the hotel bar, about ten of us, two undergrads (my roommate and I), a handful of grad students and post-docs, a couple of tenure trackers, and two established researchers, all enjoying a competitive game of "skanky ho". "Skanky ho" is similar to the "I’ve never" drinking game, only drinking for every past act is not necessary (thank goodness, as most of us were already plastered and the drinks were overpriced). Every puts a hand in the circle. You go around the circle, each person stating an act they have never done [ex. "I have never had sex with more than four people at the same time" (I lost a finger), "I have never had sex with someone who was married to someone else" (another one down), "I have never had sex on an airplane (my finger starts to waver) with a partner (saved...)"].

After a few rounds, it is established that my fellow undergraduate and I are by far the reigning skanky ho’s. Many jokes are made about those damn 22-year-olds thinking they’ve invented sex or something. The attractive older gentleman next to me, smiles bashfully and remaraks that he never realized he was such a prude. My cranks start turning. Unfortunately, the interior bar is closing, so we relocate to the hot tub.

One room brings out a bottle of vodka and half a juice box of cranberry juice. We’re drinking pale pink cocktails in the 100+ water. We recruit some new players from the real estate convention also at the hotel and the games continue. Attractive older gentleman subtlely swims over next to me. As everyone puts their hands out in the center for the next round, he presses against my ass. I return the pressure and give him a coy glance.

Soon it is well after one am and between the heat, the vodka, and the many earlier drinks, I’m beginning to worry about making the 8am plenary. I suggest we order a pizza. Get a few takers and saunter over to the exterior bar (at this point closing down). The bar tender gets me a yellow pages and offers his cell phone, as well as guidance for my drunken ordering. So kind.

The pizza ordered, I realize that I have no cash in my swimsuit or towel or flip flops (all I had with me out at the pool. I collect some money from fellow order-ees and then begin to walk back towards my room. Attractive older gentleman, who had abandoned the hot tub for a poolside chair asks where I’m going. I say to my room for pizza money. He offers to lend me a twenty as his room is cheaper and I can pay him back in the morning. Smirking, I accept his generous offer.

Back in his room, he locates his cash and hands me the twenty. I tuck it above my right tit as I am pocketless. There is an awkward pause. I step towards him. He puts his arm around my waist, his hand grazing my ass. I return the gesture with a frontal grope of his rapidly hardening cock. We begin making out.

I’m having a little difficulty remaining standing for our increasingly athletic ravishings (either he or the booze was sweeping me off my feet). I push him over to the bed and lay him down. I straddle him in my still-damp swim suit. I can see his erect nipples through his shirt and feel his generous cock in my groin. I remove his clothes so that I can have easier access.

The man has a beautiful cock. I giggle as I stroke it. "So, as sex researchers, can I assume you have a condom available." He says he does but he’s not ready to "go that far yet". I pout that, as an educator, I am too aware of the risks, and he has such a pretty cock that I would love to suck it, with a condom. "They’re over there" he eagerly volunteers.

As I suck his cock he fingers my soaking twat. I involuntarily buck. I know what I want at this point. Holding both his arms above his head with one hand, I shift my swim suit to provide access, and settle comfortably onto his cock. As I begin rocking I pleasantly discover that his gentle curve perfectly hits my g-spot. I hold him down as I ride his cock, fucking him so that his body shifts with my every thrust. If we had been further up on the bed, he would have quite a bump from the head board. Occasionally I offer my left tit (my right still being occupied with the pizza money) to his eager lips. He groans that I’m going to make him come. I laugh as I remind him that the pizza will be delivered soon so that’s probably for the best.

The man has one of the most convulsive orgasms I have ever seen from a boy. I have to balance my desire to continue bucking him and maternally comforting him as he loses control. He finally sighs and sags. After a brief pause, he makes sure to hold the base of the condom as I lift myself from his cock.

I adjust my swimsuit and kiss him gently, as I skip off to receive the pizza. As I’m leaving, he remarks that he now has one more finger to lose, having paid for sex. I laugh as I let him know that $20 is by far the cheapest I have ever gone.

Back at the hot tub, my gaggle of gay boy friends discreetly questioned my extended absence. I smile coyly. Fellow undergrad corners me and demands to know who. At this point I realize I have no idea as to attractive older gentleman’s name as he had not been wearing his name tag. We find this delightfully humorous.

The pizza arrives. As three of us are devouring it (several other pieces having walked away), attractive older gentleman comes back by, now dressed. He smiles discreetly and makes some polite conversation with the group. Our third, being drunk, naive, and cheerful, quickly introduces himself. Attractive older gentleman shakes hands, "I’m Bob." I exchange glances with fellow undergrad. He mouths "Bob?" to me. I shrug. We both burst out laughing.

Ah, yes. Good times. Smirk.


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Miss Jane, you're my role model.

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