Tuesday, November 02, 2004



So today I stayed home to vote and set up the new computer. $1600. Since I didn’t have to be in the office, or go to school, I figured it was an ideal time to arrange for a trick or two.

I posted this ad:

no more bush (for me) - w4m 22 (you must host)

in honor of election day, i'm giving the girl a trim. she's been growing out long and free since june, but summer days are over. the most generous voter chooses her new do and provides his styling expertise. curvy, red-headed college student. discretion is a must. place your vote with your donation to the campaign. this afternoon/evening only. thank you

The response was very positive. Although there were your typical cut and paste craigslist cruisers, there were several genuine inquiries. The proposed donations ranged from $50 to $700. So, I started at the top and began negotiating.

Mr. $700 seemed like a good thing, and not just bc of the cash. But when it came down to scheduling, he wanted me to meet him at the hilton in midtown in ten minutes (um, yeah, I was home in queens). When I proposed we meet at 3:30, he said he thought it would be too late to take advantage of their "secret" short-stay. Furthermore, he refused to give me his number or offer to call mine. He wanted me to sit in the hotel bar, in a skirt with no panties, so he could get a peek before taking me up to his room. Potentially a good time. But he wouldn’t talk to me before I showed up to some random bar without panties and sat around flashing god knows who until he may or may not approach me, so I had to decline.

We then had a Bush enthusiast who offered $200 to see her full and an additional $200 to help with the grooming. Great. Except it turned out he couldn’t host and wasn’t available tonight. As I’m working and have class tomorrow, and leave for the conference early Thursday, that just wouldn’t work.

I negotiated with a $300 bid, as well as two $250s. One couldn’t host. One couldn’t provide a number because he was staying in a friend’s apartment while he was visiting town from Boston. One booked the date, but then cancelled when he was shocked that he’d have to stay at work for a load-in (um, if you’re a production assistanct, you know when your show is loading in, goddam flaker).

On the plus side, I didn’t actually show up for any dates. On the pissed side, I had $1900 in dates cancel on me today (the cost of my computer and then some). Fucking craigslist.


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