Tuesday, October 12, 2004

sexual identity

i have been invited to give a workshop series for a private university. they want an hiv 101 to train a crew they're about to launch on the subways of nyc doing platform hiv-ed, busking guitar player style. super cool.

however, they also want a "safer sex from a sex worker" workshop (discussing sexual health as well as technique and negotiation skills) for the same group. the day has not been confirmed for this second lecture.

so, do i go as jane or do i go as j...? jane was all ready to jump up as an open whore/sex educator bc that's her identity. but j... is just an academic sexpert (albeit a slutty one). i want to book the first workshop through an ASO i volunteer with to give them some credit and get some supplies but was going to do the second freelance, possibly as a rep of the collective whenever it finally takes off. or i could just do both as jane vincent, the educated slut, and tell my friend (who is the organizational contact) that it's my professional alias (aka ducky doolittle or annie sprinkle).

who the hell am i?


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