Wednesday, October 20, 2004


oh so very busy these days.

school is going full steam, with three tests between last monday and next. i have also been throwing bowls and mugs like nobody's business. if anyone would like a "slut" or "whore" mug (or any other phrase as long as you hit me while the clay is still wet) drop a line to they make lovely christmas gifts.

i have been getting presentation requests left and right. high schools, colleges, and women's shelters love my frank, "spunky" repartee, whether the topic is hiv, safer sex, or sexual diversity.

i need to start broaching the topic of suggested donations. i have these weird business ethics in which i have no problem asking for several hundred dollars from a gentleman interested in learning about the g-spot, but if a college group wants a workshop on female sexual response, i do it for free. part of my resistance is my respect for these organizations acknowledging the need for these important workshops. i am grateful for the forum in which to present. i don't want to punish them by asking for some form of reimbursement.

my office job is insane, demanding extra hours but not sure if they can pay the overtime.

i barely have a moment to whore myself. after a long day in the ceramics lab on saturday (13 hours baby) i impulsively posted an ad as a "dirty surly art student". the enthusiastic response continues this morning. however, after posting, i realized that i had neither condoms, not lube, nor other safer sex supplies and just didn't feel like extending the effort. bad business, i know. but i now have a new marketing technique (as-is).

i gave an interview to a livejournal friend on sunday. it was nice to meet a fellow web-based sex worker with a feminist activist consciousness. i really want to get the collective in gear.

my apartment has not had heat until this morning. too late. my head is floating through the severe cold that kept me from work and life yesterday.

i finally hit the dyke knitting circle at bluestockings last sunday. it was wonderful. look for me on the subways knitting a blue and green afghan for my little sister's graduation.

so, rambling and uninspired, but i am still here. pics and adventures coming soon.


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