Saturday, November 06, 2004

luck is like orgasms

My boss refuses to participate in the conference raffle. He admits that his only superstition regards gambling and other games of chance. He believes that each person is allotted a finite amount of luck.

In support of this theory his reveals the only time he participated in, involved a four year old neighbor, a failing theatre, and a frozen turkey. The young girl could not understand why he could give her money, but could not buy any tickets. He finally gave in. On the same day that his theatre was evicted, he won a rather large frozen turkey.

"I think, luck is like orgasms," I countered. You have a limitless supply, but you often hesitate to surrender, in hopes of a bigger one showing up. And when you think you have had the best of your life and it’s all downhill from here, a better one eventually makes its way around. Additionally, although you can take certain actions to increase your probability, inevitably, a portion remains left up to chance.


Blogger Michael said...

Also, I haven't had much of either lately.

11/09/2004 5:27 PM  

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