Sunday, November 21, 2004

a clarification of terms

for anyone who feels like instant messaging me, a definition:

i am a whore. i mean this quite literally. i am not a "corporate whore" or "retail whore" or one of those "we're all selling ourselves for the man so really aren't we all whores deep down inside?" whores. no, i am a good old fashioned whore, otherwise known as a prostitute.

i have sex for money. granted, legally, my clients (aka johns or tricks) are paying for my time, my expertise, my consulting fees. but when it comes down to it, it's all about the the cash and my pussy.

so why don't i call myself a prostitute or an escort to rid folks of confusion? because i like the word whore. it sounds good to say. it feels good to type. and it fits me better. prostitution refers to the act, but whore refers to an identity. plus, escorts work for agencies (kinda like how alcoholics go to meetings).

so the next time someone im's me and acts all shocked and appalled when they realize that i'm not using "whore" euphemistically, they have been sufficiently warned.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Sigh. Why do so many people have trouble accepting such a simple explanation?

And a lovely whore you are, too. ;)


11/21/2004 12:01 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

And, because I'm an utter word geek, I went and looked up the etymolgy of the word "whore." It's got the following roots:

Proto-Germanic "khoraz/khoron," meaning "one who desires."

Proto-Indo-European "qar-," which in other languages is a common base for the word "lover," including the Sanskrit "kamah," meaning love or desire, and of course the first element in "Kama Sutra."

So, in other words, you're in good company.

As far as euphemisms go, I've always liked Terry Pratchett's "Ladies of Negotiable Affection." In fact, his treatment of prostitution via the Ankh-Morpork Seamstresses Guild is quite an enlightened and forward-looking view of the profession.

11/21/2004 12:30 PM  
Blogger Jane Vincent said...

and when i wake up? ARGH!!!!

brillig3: so what r u doing now?
the_educated_slut: about to take a shower and then go to the dyke knitting circle at bluestockings
the_educated_slut: i'm actually running a little late
brillig3: so no men there huh?
the_educated_slut: well, it's in a bookstore
the_educated_slut: so there are men around
brillig3: oic
the_educated_slut: but there weren't any men at the last one
the_educated_slut: and i have only been to one
brillig3: oh ok
brillig3: so do u ever educated any new men?
the_educated_slut: ?
brillig3: well, do u educate men sexually?
the_educated_slut: yep. that's what i get paid for.
the_educated_slut: and yes, i date them socially too
brillig3: r u interested in any new men to date?
the_educated_slut: when would i have the time?
brillig3: lol
the_educated_slut: right now i'm only really looking for clients in terms of men
brillig3: sound like you have a busy little beaver
brillig3: so u get paid for sex?
brillig3: i thought sex waas supposed to be for fun
the_educated_slut: yes. i am a whore
the_educated_slut: i say it on my blog
the_educated_slut: i told you in our first conversation
brillig3: a whore but not a prostitute?
brillig3: oh ok
the_educated_slut: no, a prostitute
the_educated_slut: i am a prostitute
brillig3: oh
the_educated_slut: i prefer the term whore, though
brillig3: i see
brillig3: well good luck

11/21/2004 3:23 PM  

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