Friday, November 12, 2004

bisexual sluts

today i taught a sexual diversity workshop at a college out in coney island. i had spoken for the group last spring and they liked me enough to bring me back for an encore.

today was a great class with wonderful discussion. we debated the expectations/consequences of being out or closeted in an overtly homophobic environment in terms of visibility and personal safety. we also explored tactics for campus advocacy.

however, one of the highlights of the discussion for me was started by a question during the opening go-arounds (questions were anonymous via a "snowball fight"). "why are bisexual women assumed to be promiscuous?" another chica speaks out, "and why do lesbians hate us?" to diffuse the tension i cracked about how lesbians hate 'em but straight men love 'em so it balances out, right? we talked about some of the assumptions and stereotypes surrounding many sexual identities, including straight men (although not everyone bought my assertion that straight men get shit too, sometimes because they're straight men).

but the distinction between sexual orientation and sexual behavior was cemented during the human sexuality model exercise (crowd is broken in to five groups, each group is assigned a term to define, give examples, and teach to the class, terms include: biological sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and sexual identity). smart crowd. good questions. great discussion.

anyway, i just got a voicemail from a hot butch lesbian from the class. she thanked me because my words changed her perspective on bisexual women. maybe now she'll consider dating me.

the moral of the story: i'm not a slut because i'm bisexual. and i'm not bisexual because i'm a slut. i'm a slut because i like to fuck. and i'm bisexual because i like to fuck people regardless (or occasionally because of, see last night's post) their gender identity. bi slut pride, baby.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Straight men get shit? Hell yeah! Especially when you're stuck being the only straight person in the room.

Sounds like the class really made some good progress, though.


11/12/2004 11:12 AM  

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