Sunday, November 21, 2004

the date

was delightful.

i didn't freak out or run away or turn into a sex obsessed nerd (well, no more than usual). i actually had a lovely time. and judging by our next day emails, as well as the discreet mention in her blog, so did she.

first there was a little confusion about where we would meet up. we established sushi near the theatre, but i was thinking third ave and she was thinking first. plus i got held up at work. so i ended up in a cab headed downtown, pressing redial, trying to figure out where exactly we were meeting ten minutes after i was supposed to be there. a great start.

as i mentioned in my post yesterday, i had gotten dressed up. i was wearing my vintage cindy brady bright orange dress with pointy collar, orange fishnets, and my trusty payless pumps with white tubing that i wear to all my conferences. hair was still up with my stick from work and i was wearing a scarf around it.

but she looked beautiful. she had these black lacey fishnets and burgundy and green famous designer shoes with chunk curved heels (i know i should know the guy's name but i'm not a sex and the city type of girl so fashion goes over my head). her skirt was lime green and layered and wispy and her black shirt had silver seems around the edges of the low neckline revealing hints of her pink bra (that i couldn't help glimpsing at from time to time throughout the evening). she also had this little beaded necklace, very unassuming, that sparkled like crazy in the candlelight at the sushi place (i kept getting distracted by it and then looking down to her tits, couldn't help myself). femme on femme, yeah baby.

we got an upstairs table by the window in the sushi joint on third. after some nervous small talk, bathroom escapes, knocking of menus from the table, and giggling, we both began to relax. we walked over to ps 122 to see julie atlas muz's "i am the moon and you are the man in me". my date is mad networked so had gotten us comps (i was a "plus one", how cool is that?!?) naked performance art, hurrah! but truly, it was fantastic and breathtaking and wonderful and just a little arousing at times but sobering at others. i heartily recommend.

afterwords we talked about getting dessert, but then she lead me to the train. i was a little confused and dissappointed, but oh well. my sack was bigger than her purses, but she was carrying three (the plural was not a typo back there). so in terms of baggage, we are well matched. i was holding her jacket and bottle of diet coke for her when we reached her stop and she got off. i asked if she wanted her coke and had to follow her off so she didn't loose her things to the closing train doors. i wasn't sure if this was intentional or planned or if i was forcing myself back to her place. so i was treading lightly.

we went back to her place for cupcakes where her toilet promptly overflowed. so we went to a local bar, the painted lady, super cool, with working plumbing for a nightcap (we didn't call it a nightcap, but in retrospect i wish we had, very doris day/ rock hudson). among the naked ladies she had another diet coke and i nursed a beer. we talked about our mutual love of blankets (i revealed my infant heat-rash caused by being a blanket burrito baby born into the texas june), coming out to our families regarding our sex jobs (her grandfather googled her), and our mutual identity of little old ladies posing as sexpots.

gradually the conversation was staggered by making out. we let my hair down to act as a shade. when we took off our glasses the first time (i love that moment) she had to pause and process the fact that i suddenly looked fifteen. but she got over it. at one point i shifted to put my arm around her and knocked over both our empty glasses (great for discretion). bonus: we are both giggling dorks.

as it drifted past midnight she started to yawn. she was embarrassed and apologetic expressing her exhaustion. i didn't mind as we had already made a second date for bingo. we walked back to the subway/her apartment and lingered for a moment. it was sweet and delightful and lovely.

so i had a good first date. and we're planning a second. and even though i didn't sleep with her on the first date (against my moral code of fuck them immediately or don't fuck them at all), there is definitely hot sex potential. can you believe it?


Blogger Dacia said...

The shoes are Fluevogs, and she used to have a black pair. I know this because I am shoe-obsessed. And creepy, don't forget creepy.

11/21/2004 2:16 AM  
Blogger Algor Langeaux said...

the yummy anticipation zone is highly underrated...

...sometimes its great to let the appetizers whet your appetite... you enjoy the main course more that way...

...very good for you!

11/21/2004 7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds like the perfect first date!

What kind of sex work does she do? And where's her blog?


11/21/2004 8:34 AM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUl date! It will be fun to see what happens next!


11/21/2004 12:04 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Wunderbar, my darling. Best of luck for the second date.

11/21/2004 12:20 PM  
Blogger Jane Vincent said...

thank you, everyone, for the support and encouragement.

in response to questions, she is a sexuality writer and editor. parallels to my sexuality research, writing, and education (the predominant career, not that the whoring isn't a blast).

she's also being quite discreet about our liasons, so i'm not going to post a link to her blog. i emailed her to ask if it was cool if i blogged about it (blogger to blogger romance ettiquette is so complicated). but you can email me personally and i may give you a hint.

11/21/2004 3:22 PM  

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