Tuesday, May 31, 2005

snippets from the road

Yesterday morning after leaving the hotel, I was in gentle traffic. There was a red minivan with a flag ribbon and flag detail. Three kids were stretched across the back seat. The two boys(?) on the right started fighting. Fists and punches were flying in silhouette through the tinted rear window. Then mom whirls around from the passenger seat. She whacks the kids repeatedly with a yard stick. Dad’s hand raises from the wheel as if mediating. I am too shocked to write down the license plate, not sure what I would do with it. So I pass.

I found an amazing pottery shop off of highway 74. Mud dabbers has a whole family of potters working out of the shop so the varieties of style astound. I bought two dishes, one that now hangs on my bedroom wall for my keys and change. Check out www.muddabbers.com.

Later, Blondie is singing in French and the red Honda passport in from of me won’t get off the damn cell phone or out of the passing lane.

I saw at least fifty dead deer this trip. Mostly in Pennsylvania, but jersey had it’s share.

As I begin my second hour sitting in traffic just south of Allentown, I begin to wish I had stopped at the adult store for a cheap vibe. I do pc exercises to pass the time.

Pass a billboard with a picture of a baby. States: “Considering abortion? God cares. We care. Free Ultrasound.” This reeks of crisis pregnancy centers that provide pregnancy tests and other medical services (like ultrasound) without the appropriate medical supervision. This is after I was stuck behind a covenant truck for twenty minutes, staring at it’s “it’s not a choice, it’s a child” bumper sticker which is uniform for the fleet.

By the time I get to New Jersey I’m exhausted. I start craving someone would put the hooks behind my wrist and ankle tendons and drag me the rest of the way home. I pull in to a rest stop, but there are no “facilities”. We already learned the dangers of NJ scenic overlooks (not visible from the road, isolated, and populated by busloads of convicts). And the gas stations are full service so no bathrooms there. I am no longer sleepy as I am too focused on holding my bladder.

But I survived!


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

That sounds like one very, very scary drive.


6/01/2005 7:49 AM  

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