Thursday, January 20, 2005

third date

On Saturday, the lusty lady and I had our third date. Now, you may be shocked that this was only the third date in as many months. However, we are both over-worked over-stressed over-booked sexperts who know the value of a nap and alone time over social obligations (even when those obligations have a great set of knockers). But we made it happen.

Although there was talk of seeing a play or going to a movie or a diner or a bar, she ended up coming over to my apartment (I can hear my close friends gasping in shock. I never have people I’m dating and/or sleeping with in my space. I’m a very territorial slut. I need my room free from sex other than the self-love and fuck buddy kinds. I’m working on my boundaries with my therapist, but until then, stay out of my room!). When I walked down to pick her up from the train station she was wearing fishnets with sparkly seams, open toed strappy 1940s pin-up shoes, and a jacket that was only waist length (she also had impressive cleavage, but that was under the coat). I remarked that she was too pretty to be standing on that corner (ah, sex worker humor) and flagged a gypsy cab to take us back to my apartment (only five avenue blocks but it was snowing and I could see her toes).

We ordered sushi. I let her have my miso. Then we decided to pick out a movie to watch. She had brought over Chutney Popcorn, which I also happened to own. We compared covers and decided to watch something else. She chose Keeping the Faith (I heart Edward, but I like him better in pseudo-psycho roles). We didn’t watch the movie for long (blush).


*Her face and little whimper squirms as I nibbled her nipples. So hot!

*Struggling for access to her tender bits I joke that I may have to rip off her fish nets. When they still aren’t off a couple of minutes later I say, “Seriously, do you plan on wearing these again? Cause I will rip them off you.”

*I giggle. A lot. Just part of an aroused jane. She comments that it’s refreshing to be with someone who isn’t so serious about sex. But then gets a little disconcerted about my tiny outbursts. Felt like she was missing a joke. She got over it and I burst out in happy laughter the first time she made me come.

*At one point I was straddling her, riding her fingers while the back of her hand ground against her clit. Throwing my head down my long curly hair trailed across her face. I tried to swing it out of the way but she resisted, draping my girls across her cheeks and forehead.

And then, we went to sleep (another gasp! Yes, I had a sleepover. In my own apartment, no less. What has become of my inhibitions?) In the morning we rolled around, trading my robe for bathroom breaks, and timing the sex so that she could make her brunch on time (which the trains sabotaged) and I could get some work done before knitting. It was lovely.

So, I am no longer allowed to make fun of audacia for her heteronormative no-sex-until-the-third-date seduction patterns. Because, this time, it worked.


Blogger Librarian Babe said...

Check out this tee. :-)

1/20/2005 9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought your other post was the best post ever, but this one takes the (cup)cake I think. :) me

1/21/2005 11:49 AM  
Blogger Phin Samuels said...

Sounds like my kind of third date.

1/21/2005 4:19 PM  

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