Friday, January 14, 2005

time for a trim

my girl down below is craving a new hair do. we've been rocking the long flowing furry feminist (accented by the recently hirsute legs and pits) since mid-summer. time for a change.

so the dilemma arises. do i try and turn this into cash? i could set up a date with a client specifically to trim bush. or i could sell the trimmings on craigslist or ebanned or another web site. or i could at least take before and after shots for posterity. or i could let the little hairs flow down the drain (although that seems like a waste).

the tricky thing about whoring (no pun intended) is the temptation to turn all bodily and especially sexual functions into cash. with proper marketing i could be making money off my toenail clippings. however, there comes a time when one needs to turn it off and just shave their twat for cunt's sake. that time is approaching.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

I would think the first consideration would be the urgency of the situation. If it's something that needs to be done NOW then I think you probably just chunk the potential profit and go ahead and do it.

The other factor is risk. If you turn it into a profit-making venture are YOU doing the work or is your client? If the client does the work, what are the chances of getting a bad trim or rash?


1/14/2005 8:56 PM  
Blogger Sk8RN said...

And to think I thought I was the only one who enjoyed swinging back and forth from "flowing furry feminist" to waxed-bare broad as my whims dictate! However you make the change, I hope you have fun!

1/18/2005 4:44 AM  
Blogger dax said...

I say, leave a bit of "runway"

1/20/2005 10:53 AM  
Blogger Natalie said...

i read your post back in dec. that garrison linked in his post about sti's the time i read it and nodded...and left it at that.
i found it again waking vixen's today (i think) and when i read it this time it was totally different for me.
b/c last wed. my gyno called me and told me i had tested positive for hpv and it had already spread to my cervix. yesterday i went and got a biopsy and we should know in a couple of weeks how severe it is (since hpv does cause cervical cancer we have to watch it closely). i've had sex with 4 men--the first 3 i *always* used a condom but didn't with the last (who is now my fiance) and he gave me hpv.
sorry for the long post but i wanted to say i whole-heartedly agree with *every*thing you said in your entry from back in dec. i would have had the same feelings you did about that situation too.

1/20/2005 2:22 PM  

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