Wednesday, April 14, 2004

spring break adventures, of the educated slut variety

just returned from an amazing vacation. flew in to knoxville and drove a rental car over 900 miles through tennessee, alabama, georgia, and north carolina. mountains and sunshine make me happy. fell in love with 91.5 fm the wall and highway 64 between chatanooga and the okoee mountains. there are colleges in the city and high schools in between, and their main industry is white water rafting trips. so there must be lots of sex going on, hence a need for education and who's just the gal to give it?

spoke at the university of tennessee to two different classes. big hit demonstrating how to put on a condom with your mouth without compromising skin-precum-to-mouth contact risk (awkwardly phrased...argh). first time using the educated slut as a professional reference. passing out cards with email and new 1-800 voicemail number (which currently is pissing me off because i'm getting all these spam faxes i have no access to).

a friend in the office got me listed as a referral at the new york public library. hoping to get a call or two from that. had a handful of follow-ups from recent speaking gigs. really, will begin charging for them any day now. how come i'm fine charging hundreds of dollars to a single person for an hour of my time, but feel guilty asking for fifty bucks from any organization i respect?

have been having a bit of nonpaid sex lately, largely of the group variety. need to get back to the money though if i want my loans paid off by january. going to post my coaching ad any day now, just need to confirm my space with somewhat flakey friend.

afraid my amicable nature with clients is rubbing off on my social dating behavior. less likely to take offense or let things bother me than i used to be. making the best of the situation in that don't rock the boat 50's housewife way. afterwards thinking, what the fuck was that?!? i have a good time but with a bad aftertaste. hmmmm...anyways, good times are coming. just in that cold rainy isn't it supposed to be springtime funk. smooch, dears.


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