Monday, July 04, 2005

off again

in an hour i will drive to the airport. when i get back in town i will have three full days before the movers arrive. my apartment isn't as backed as it could be, but i've thrown out a lot. i have said a good chunk of good byes. those who see me when i get back will be lucky because that week is going to be super hectic and up in the air. i hope i will make it to bluestockings books ( to see greta christina. i also want to swing by dube ( to pick up some wicks for fire breathing (want to branch out from the poi spinning). i also just ordered two unsharpened swords to begin practicing sword swallowing. i figure with all the deep-throat practice i've had, its worth a shot to turn it into an art.

i will do my best to check in over the next two weeks. if i don't have the chance, know that you are all in my heart. take care.


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