Tuesday, April 26, 2005

the transit fairy

this morning i was visited by the parking ticket fairy. she gave me two wonderful gifts. first, although i was concerned i may have parked a wee bit close to the fire hydrant, she approved via an absence of ticket.

earlier this month i had not been as fortunate and found a ticket beneath my wiper. i was shocked. in the pouring rain the evening before i could not see the no standing sign. oops. the ink of the ticket had run and the delicate paper tore as i peeled it from my windshield.

this morning, with the fairy on my mind, i decided to go online to resolve it (as one good turn deserves another). first, i was surprised when the license plate number on the ticket was not found in the database. looking out the window, i realized the license plate number was not found on my car, either. i ran my correct license plate number and it was absent from the system as well. finally, i ran the ticket number. it turns out the transit fairy made a boo boo writing the ticket and then further fumbled entering it into the system. consequently, the ticket can not be traced to my car.

i called my grandfather with my new found ethical dilema. do i call or venture to the department of motor vehicles and resolve the error, paying the ticket like an upstanding young citizen? "janie, you got lucky. you're home free. don't be a dolt. but don't park there again or the cops may recognize your car and correct the mistake."

and so, i threw my first parking ticket away.

may day went downhill from there as trains were messed up, errands took forever, and everything at the office was due an hour ago. but things are about to get better. i'm on my way to help dacia pick out a latex blood wrestling outfit. then i have physical therapy. a day of extreme vertigo.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Now, why can't ALL ethical delimas be so easily resolved? ;)


4/26/2005 9:41 PM  

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