Monday, April 25, 2005


walking back to the car after birthday sushi with dacia and her official ex-boyfriend friend, we found a mountain of boxes. i have been scouring craigslist lately for moving boxes, but it seems 75% of the ads want to barter with a "massage" and the rest get snatched up within five minutes of posting. as the boxes were collapsed and stacked together within other boxes, we grabbed a dozen with ease (more specifically, the ex-boyfriend grabbed and propped them up on his skull for the remaining three block). they were crammed into my trunk.

after dropping off dacia and driving home i hauled them out of the trunk and around the block to my apartment (damn alternate side parking at 10pm). i was doing well until they took a kamikaze dive on the front steps. fortunately, a guy walking by helped me collect them and get them inside the front door. at first he was very friendly, but then he started to give me funny looks. i thanked him and hurried inside as he was creeping me out and i needed to pee.

this might not have been a problem had i made use of the original contents of the boxes. i am now the proud owner of over a dozen adult urinary incontinence boxes. i have depends, silhouette, and poise extra. these boxes are currently being stuffed with all my sex books.

appropriate, as i am moving to teach aging populations sex ed.


Blogger Dacia said...

"Official" ex-boyfriend? As opposed to the unofficial one? Or is that official as in "stamp of approval", as compared to "bad and evil."

4/26/2005 1:33 AM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

I would laugh, except that for some strange reason the thought of laughing at someone wrestling with empty Depends boxes makes me feel guilty. I must be chanelling a catholic or something.


4/26/2005 8:40 AM  
Blogger Jane Vincent said...

"official ex-boyfriend friend"

aka the good one

4/26/2005 9:11 AM  
Blogger brainhell said...

Maybe the guy who helped you thought you wee a diaper fetishist?

4/26/2005 1:27 PM  

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