Sunday, March 06, 2005

a lovely evening

despite the set-back of miss lower east side being sold out, i managed to have a great time tonight.

michael and i went to see the bindlestiff family cirkus. i have had a crush on philomena for almost four years now (and mr. pennygaff, aside from being my deep-throat mentor, makes me feel funny in my girl parts). they were hot tonight in from the gutter to the glitter, a night out with the bindlestiffs. it was a review of the history of american popular entertainment. a variety of acts, some i'd seen in past performances (of which i've seen a few), some i'd seen in video, and some i'd never seen. with live piano and fiddle accompaniment, there was song, dance, sword swallowing, whip cracking, balloon bondage, top whipping, glass walking, trapeze flying, fire eating, and some good old fashioned banter. fun was had by all.

after grabbing a t-shirt and a sticker from the lovely merchandise vixen with rhinestone eyelashes, michael and i crossed the street to this great little antique store that is often open til two am on saturday night, with the broken china and trinket mosaic store front and two dozen type writers at any given moment. i was looking for a classy cane to replace the orthopedic number that's been supporting my sprained knee all week. the owner immediately produced a hand-carved wooden walking stick from the 40's. aside from being of the perfect height, it has vulvas carved up and down the stem. it was made for me forty years before i was born.

we then headed over to crif dogs for a chocolate shake and tator tots with ketchup and nacho cheese (the best and only tots in the city i've come across). i wasn't hungry enough for a hot dog as well (it seems criminal to sit in there without one), but i'll pick up a pair from gray's papaya when i see my therapist this week.

i then took a cab to the train (saving thirty bucks) and gimped home. nights like these make me realize how much i will miss this city.


Blogger Michael said...

I had fun, too.

3/06/2005 2:14 PM  
Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Sounds absolutely delightful.

So, don't go. :)


3/06/2005 11:58 PM  

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