Tuesday, March 01, 2005

my new boyfriend

thank you, michael, for introducing me to the father of my love child.

ernie cline should be my new boyfriend.

hey, i'm moving to texas. it could work.

we could make beautiful nerd porn together (http://www.ernestcline.com/spokenword/).

plus, he's only ten years older than me. that's great and rare. and i'm about to become a grad student. once you become a grad student, age is just a number. you date your 68 yr old professor of feminist lit and then have an ethical dilema when you break up about whether to bear your crushed heart to the dean and get her lying cheating ass fired or take it like the bigger better woman.

or not.

what sort of identity will i construct for grad school? who will i be and how will i find myself in houston?


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Just as long as you stay put today, okay? Don't even try getting out. Yuck.


3/01/2005 8:20 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

I knew you'd like that.

Hope the ankle gets better. *electronic betterness kisses*

3/01/2005 9:53 AM  
Blogger Librarian Babe said...

You're moving and I've only had the chance to see you once in person? NOOOO. We have to hang out before you head off to grad school. What's the time line? *hugs* Hope your knee is on the mend.

3/01/2005 10:43 PM  
Blogger 00goddess said...

Whoa, you're coming to Houston? We must have tea. Where are you going to grad school?

3/14/2005 1:26 AM  

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