Saturday, February 26, 2005


yesterday morning, as i was leaving dacia's home, i fell down the subway steps. twice. the same steps. well, at least the same flight. there was an inch or two of solid ice on the stairs, so i was holding the railing like a smart girl. and i fell down three, and caught myself (and my bags). stood up, and fell down another four.

not a big deal. a little embarrassing. didn't even rip my tights or fishnets (layered look, you know).

but when i tried to transfer trains, i found my knee buckling going down stairs.

three falls (as in autumns) ago, i jumped over a little foot high fence in union square. landed wrong and twisted my ankle. not a big deal. until two weeks later when my knee started buckling. i was on a cane for three months due to bursitis. canes are not functional in new york city.

so now i'm worried. i'm popping aleve and keeping it iced (ironic, as ice caused the fall). kinda puts a damper on my weekend plans. i'm recruiting neighbors to run to the corner store and sign for deliveries (as i can't go down the stairs). helpless over here.

canes are stupid. sexy. but stupid.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

Those are steep steps! I do hope you're feeling better.

Although ... I have to wonder if one of those adjustable-height canes could be fitted with a prophylactic ...


2/26/2005 6:43 PM  
Blogger brainhell said...

See le herr meester doktor, sil vous favor yetz

2/27/2005 1:26 AM  

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