Sunday, February 06, 2005

over a year

Friday was spent on things I had not done in over a year.

After I saw my therapist, I went to the Met (first thing I hadn't done in over a year). I checked everything, including my cell-phone-that-acts-as-my-watch, handed over my pocket change, and got lost. The Japanese and Tibet galleries were wonderful but the low lighting was screeching in dog whistle pitch. I wandered until I began to get thirsty, then retrieved my bag. The gift shop was having a sale. I bought a Toulouse-Lautrec book, Bravehearts — Men in Skirts for a dear friend's birthday, and a postcard book of women reading for impending grad school relocation announcements.

I then met up with Seth at Bellevue Bar. The first time I went to Bellevue was to meet Seth after he responded to a craigslist casual encounters ad I had placed. He had responded to an earlier ad of Dacia's but they hadn't been able to coordinate schedules. After I got the okay for her, I headed over for a rendezvous. After two rounds for me and four for him, we went round the corner to the no-name hotel on 42nd and 9th where the short stays are $25 for two hours. There were no covers on the beds, sheets tacked over the windows, a sink and a pie pan ashtray in the room, and a bathroom at the end of the hall. It was wonderful. Seth and I made a habit of calling each other mid-work-day for "lunch breaks". I had my first legal drink in a bar with him at Bellevue. We fucked regularly for over a year. But then I became overwhelmed with work and school and sex work. The time for casual sex slipped away from me.

It had been over a year since I last saw Seth when we met up at Bellevue Friday evening. The previously hard core bar adorned with coffins now featured a hunting video game and "Luck be a Lady" was playing on the sound system. Things change. We had a drink, compared new tattoos and piercings, and headed around the corner to our sentimental hotel.

I took off my sweater and skirt to reveal the burgundy cotton thigh highs and garters with black lace panties and silky black bra. I tugged off one pair of his pants to find a second pair beneath. "It's cold" he protested. We took care of that pair as well. He selected a condom and pulled it from the wrapper. I held it between my lips, tip sucked back between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I slid it down over his growing cock, pushing the rim down with my lips. I bopped my head sucking him into the back of my throat several times to ensure there were no air bubbles in the condom.

He pushed me up as he rose from the bed. He then bent me over onto my knees. He entered me from behind, my favorite position, especially with him. Seth has one of my favorite cocks. It is a wonderful length and width. Great girth but doesn't bop my cervix. And his cock fits perfectly in my ass. He pulls my hair and lightly slaps my ass. I thrust back against him, feeling my orgasm building. He gasps that I'm going to make him come if I keep doing that. "That's okay." After he comes, he grasps the base of the condom as he pulls out.

He pulls on his pants and a t-shirt and pads down the hall to the bathroom. I roll over and reach for my bag. Rummaging around I find my new grad school applications vibrator. I unscrew the lid and switch the end battery over to complete the circuit. Then I pull back my lips and start playing around the sides of my clit. My legs are sprawled when Seth returns. He sits on the edge of the bed and watches. I slide the vibe against my clit and into my cunt. I love the way it rubs my g-spot and the wall between my cunt and ass. I tell Seth to bite my tits. He sucks and nibbles gently, every now and then chomping down on my tender bits. When I masturbate alone I usually roll over onto my stomach (this pattern actually developed after I had been doing sex work). I ask Seth if he would spank me. I roll over and grind against my vibrator as he smacks my ass. This was not a light slapping but a rather intense spanking with minimal build-up. He smacked my cheeks bright and rosy. I could feel my body flushing as my orgasm shuddered. I tapped out gasping "pause, pause" between giggles. We then got dressed and went our separate ways.

I headed down to cinema village to meet up with a friend I hadn't seen in over a year. He had moved to Boston almost two years ago and I'm not great with correspondence. We hugged for ten minutes and then went in to the premier of The Nomi Song (excellent excellent excellent). Afterwards, we hit a Japanese steak house on east 9th (where I hadn't gone in over a year). I had yummy sea weed soup and grilled skirt steak and rib eye, sipping green tea and hot saki. The mandatory green tea ice cream finished the evening.

My friend was heading to a hookah bar. I was tempted to follow, as I had not smoked hookah in over a year, but felt my obligations for one day were fulfilled. I caught the train back to my apartment and had wonderful dreams.


Blogger Alice said...

I regularly go to the Met (when I'm home, I'm currently exiled in Chicago for college) and everytime it's perfect. Did you sit in front of the huge Chinese tapestry of boddisatvas?

2/07/2005 12:07 AM  
Blogger Librarian Babe said...

I loved the "Bravehearts- Men in Skirts" exhibit. I always head to the Costume Institute while at the Met. I just love the history of fashion.

2/07/2005 10:29 AM  
Blogger Rachael said...

it's monday now, and you're not lost in the sounds... where do your ghosts go to get lost?

2/07/2005 2:43 PM  
Blogger brainhell said...

Maybe you should play chess too.

2/10/2005 12:33 AM  

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