Thursday, February 16, 2006

new york craving

tonight i was missing new york, missing dacia, missing days of mutual lap top addiction and sushi box dinners. so, after a phone chat with miss dacia, i decided to order some sushi for dinner. i placed an order for chirashi for pick-up. after waiting the appropriate interval, i drove to pick it up. only to find my order was not ready. because they had not received it. because i had ordered my sushi from new york. so i placed a new order and called the new york sushi place back. their response, "but your order is all ready for pick up". my response, "i'm in texas. i'm so sorry." i got home and cried tears of laughter and wasabi.


Blogger Dave said...

this happens to me every time i leave my city, since we ran out of phone numbers and have to use 10-digit phone #'s even locally. Every time i leave and get comfortable enough to forget I'm not in my town, I wind up calling local (to my city) places instead of local (to wherever the hell i am) places.

Sucks to show up for a movie that's playing exactly on time....200 miles away.

2/17/2006 12:10 AM  

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